Love Rocks Because Love Rocks!
Love Rocks Because Love Rocks!
Love Rocks Because Love Rocks!

Love Rocks Because Love Rocks!

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This luxurious gemstone diffuser & natural essential oil pairing transports you to the English Countryside.  The therapeutic vibration of handpicked gemstones alongside the wellness benefits of aromatherapy, emboldens powerful energies of compassion, comfort and healing.

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful of the quartz family, and has been known as the stone of romance used to attract love as early as 600 B.C.  That’s a few years before Whitney Houston even thought about auditioning for The Bodyguard...and iiiiiiiiiiiiiii-e-iiiii...will al-ways love... this gemstone diffuser. 

Directions: Add a few drops of diffuser oil over the gemstones, allow the crystals to absorb the fragrance before it gently releases into the air.


  • Raw Rose Quartz 
  • Essential Rose Diffuser Oil 50ml
  • Gently uplifting and infused with the scent of a country garden.
  • Every formulation is bottled & crafted by hand, and uses only natural ingredients formulated with therapeutic blends, designed to improve your wellbeing.  These products are biodegradable, non-toxic, and use gentle plant based ingredients. 
  • Designed & created with care by woman-owned small business owner Bella Middleton.
  • Handcrafted in Norfolk, England


Norfolk Natural Living is a slow-luxury home care and wellbeing brand, designed to bring a little beauty and pleasure to our daily rituals.  As a trained aromatherapist, I have always been fascinated with the benefits plants can have on our wellbeing. Which is why I have put nature and craftsmanship at the core of Norfolk Natural Living.  If we can perhaps elevate our everyday rituals, find a little beauty and improve our wellbeing - we should. - Bella Middleton, founder