Message In A Bottle
Message In A Bottle
Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

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Our Message In A Bottle is a thoughtfully curated collection of naturally gorgeous elements of the earth, used as purifying & positive energy tools.  Palo Santo and White Sage are burned similar in nature to incense in purification practices spread widely across cultures and traditions and Raw Gemstones hold powerful energetic properties from the earth.  In collecting these elements, it was of utmost importance for us to partner with environmentally and socially conscious artisans and communities, as the energy is passed from the earth to your home.

Our Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is gathered in South America from the heartwood of naturally fallen trees that have cured on the forest floor for up to a decade.  Rooted in Ecuador, our Palo Santo is sustainably sourced and ethically wild crafted by our partners who are focused on conservation, reforestation, supporting academic research, and local economic development through ethically produced fair trade practices.  

Our White Sage (Salvia apiana) is sustainably sourced from a family ranch in southern California, where it grows in its natural habitat and is harvested only after maturity.

Our raw gemstones are from a socially responsible company focused on providing educational support within the communities where the crystals are sourced.


  • 4" stick of Ecuadorian Palo Santo
  • Native California White Sage Bundle
  • Rose Quartz: known to attract love
  • Clear Quartz: known for protection & healing
  • Uruguayan Amethyst: known for protective energy
  • Black Tourmaline: known to keep negativity away
  • Glass Apothecary jar & cork lid


  • never leave lit Palo Santo or White Sage unattended
  • extinguish completely when done